Jazz artist Boy Katindig in town for gigs and new album 2
Cover of Boy Katindig's latest album

Jazz luminary Boy Katindig back in town for gigs and a new album

“Music never stops. It’s a constant learning and rediscovery of one’s self,” says the jazz artist from the renowned musical clan

In the past few weeks, Boy Katindig has been posting photos on his Facebook page with the hashtag #manilaonmymind, to which he added more hints: #manila, #QC, #theoldhood. 

As it turns out, the ageless jazz artist of the renowned Katindig musical clan (which includes his father, Romy, among others) recently blew into town for gigs and to launch a new album.

For starters, Boy will perform live (with Joey Puyat, Rommel dela Cruz, Michael Guevarra, Ryan Peralta, Marga Jayy and Russel Figueroa) on June 28 at Fin & Claw Grill, a new seafood place on Timog Avenue in Quezon City.

The place is run by a group of business partners that includes Ramoncito Talisayon and Patrick Pua. Pua's father Serafin was behind the legendary club Birds of the Same Feather, whose own opening in 1978 featured the band Sticky with Boy himself on keys, Jacqui Magno on vocals, and other members of the defunct Circus Band. 

Boy Katindig obliged ANCX with an exclusive Q&A which touched on his homecoming, his new album, and what he's been up to these past several years. 


How long have you been away from the Philippines, and what do you miss most about the homeland? 

Some five odd years, pre-Covid. As a Filipino, I miss everything. But the most are my family and friends. 


Which country abroad have you spent the longest time so far as a performing artist, and what do you like most about it? 

The United States. I love the level and feel of the musicians. It’s the real deal. The audience, as well, is very receptive to what I do. I get to tour with the best artists. I meet and perform with musicians I have dreamed of playing with.  


You belong to an illustrious musical family. What's the greatest lesson you've learned from the Katindig clan? 

To strive to be at a level of musicianship as my father. To listen and appreciate all kinds of music, not just one genre. To keep expanding. 

You've recorded albums in the past and they've been well-received by fans. Tell us about your latest one which will be launched on June 28 at Fin & Claw. 

"East-West Connections" is a collection of the best from my Kool Kat catalogue: my rearrangements of vocal material the way I perceived it to be; live performances from my band in Kuala Lumpur; tracks from my Las Vegas band with whom I toured with several artists; other tracks that were later on picked for my US release; and more tracks produced with all-star jazz luminaries.


What's next after the gig and the album launch? 

My production company will book more dates around the country. I also want to discover new blood for my own jazz label. 


What's your present state of mind? Do you feel you have lots more to give as a musician?

Music never stops. It’s a constant learning and rediscovery of one’s self. So the records don’t stop as well. The best part is touring to play before a wide audience. 

Any plans to settle back in Manila soon?

The main core of my production business is here, including my staff and management. My son is back in California and I always make my way back to be with him. Seeing your kid grow up is priceless. I won’t miss that for the world. Half of the year I find myself coming back and forth (from the US and the Philippines).

Any message to your loyal Filipino fans who have missed you all these years?

I only have sincere gratitude to them for following me all these years, digging everything I dish out. I’m fortunate and blessed to have a loyal following which never gets tired of music. It drives me to put out as much music as I can, and to look forward to the process of performing to new, younger audiences.