Ely Buendia breaks silence on Marcus Adoro issue 2
As of this writing, the December concert is still happening. Image from the Huling El Bimbo concert poster.

Exclusive: Ely Buendia breaks silence on bandmate Marcus Adoro’s inclusion in Eheads reunion

One of Ely Buendia’s conditions in signing up for the reunion concert was for Adoro to “resolve his issues”
ANCX Staff | Sep 21 2022

The confirmation of an Eraserheads reunion concert last Monday was expectedly met with cheers and jubilation online. This was followed by fans tagging friends and family on the poster and news links as if alerting them to get ready: “Ditch everything you have planned for December 22, 2022–because that’s the day ‘Huling El Bimbo’ the concert is happening.” The show is set to take place at the SMDC Festival Grounds in Parañaque City.

But while many were happily making plans to see one of the most successful rock bands in local music history play on one stage again, not a few fans expressed their concern over Eheads guitarist Marcus Adoro taking part in the event. Celebrating the reunion, some said, means celebrating Adoro as well—and they’re not about to do that with the guy’s history of alleged abusive behavior. 

In 2019, Adoro’s former partner Barbara Ruaro, indie film actress, and daughter Syd Hartha, singer, went public with accusations of abuse care of Adoro. Ruaro accused the musician of psychological manipulation and physical violence, even sharing photos of her bruised face. Syd Hartha said her father physically hurt her more than once, even banging her head to a wall in the presence of friends. 

At that time, some people were asking Adoro’s Eheads bandmates Ely Buendia, Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala to issue a statement—a clamor that has been revived again after the reunion concert was announced, along with accusations that the three are playing Adoro’s “enablers” by keeping mum about the issue, that they’re part of the reason the guitarist gets to walk free despite the serious allegations thrown at him.

Diane Ventura, Buendia’s manager and co-producer of the “Huling El Bimbo” concert event, got in touch with ANCX to issue an official statement explaining the Eheads frontman’s position on the matter. We are printing it here in full: 

“One of Ely’s non-negotiable conditions prior to signing was precisely that Marcus resolve his issues otherwise Ely would not work with him. This was promised by Marcus’ management which was why we even reconsidered.  

“To call Ely an enabler is categorically false and absurd. We do not condone abuse that is absolute. We acknowledge the pain and suffering of the parties involved and we seek accountability.  

“However, we will do what we can to encourage peace, resolution and will never get in the way of possible reconciliation or second chances between families, We are hoping for good to come out of this.”

As of this writing, the December concert is still happening. The actor Alden Richards have even announced that his latest business venture is one of the groups putting the concert together. Meanwhile, many fans are requesting Adoro be removed from the December reunion lineup and replaced by another guitarist.