1 concert, 2 Rock & Roll Hall of Famers 2

1 concert, 2 Rock & Roll Hall of Famers

It isn’t every day you get to watch two premier artists in one show.
RICK OLIVARES | Oct 04 2023
Hitmakers. Yes, they have had hit singles across multiple decades. 
Legendary. Yes, they are, whether with their respective bands or as solo artists are iconic.
Transcendent. Yes, their music spans generations and remains massively popular to this day if not covered by many artists.
Hall of Famers.
Now, there’s something you might not know. 
Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren are both respective Hall of Famers -- Rock and Roll Hall of Famers to be exact.
Hall was inducted in 2014 alongside John Oates with Roots drummer Questlove, who like the former, hails from Philadelphia offering a very affectionate speech. 
Rundgren, after years of being snubbed, got ushered into the hall in 2021 by no less than the legendary poet and punk rock priestess Patti Smith. 
Hall is one up on Rundgren though because he was inducted first in the Songwriters Hall of Fame back in 2004.
That is how significant the "Daryl Hall and the Daryl’s House Band Live" concert at the Mall of Asia Arena (with special guest Todd Rundgren) will be this coming November 27.
It isn’t every day you get to watch two premier artists in one show.
Along with his music partner John Oates, Hall saw 29 of 33 singles hit the American Top 40 charts from 1974-1991. Twenty years after his last single in 1991, Hall reinvented himself with the web series, Live from Daryl’s House where the band performs Hall & Oates classics to songs from their featured guests. 
Rundgren on the other hand has released 21 studio albums and two live albums including 21 singles; six which placed in the American Top 40. And these timeless hits will be performed in front of a Filipino audience!
With that kind of background and credentials, Hall’s concert in Manila will truly be epic and a night to remember.