Why hosting Golden Globes is a big deal for Jo Koy 2
Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy. Handout photo.

Why hosting Golden Globes is a big deal for Jo Koy

Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy will be the host of the 81st Golden Globe Awards.
Yong Chavez, ABS-CBN News | Jan 05 2024

Jo Koy arrived at the ceremonial red carpet roll out wearing a thick overcoat and a big smile. It was a windy day in Los Angeles and he was the guest of honor as the host of the 81st Golden Globe Awards.
“We were looking for somebody with Jo's energy, enthusiasm and excitement. And you know, it was such a great choice. We're really happy that he's with us, and so far as we've been in this process, oh my God, he's funny. He's energetic,” executive producer and director Glen Weiss gushed when asked why the comedian was offered the high-profile job. 
Weiss, producers Ricky Kirshner and Barry Adelman, and Golden Globes president Helen Hoehne joined the comedian in energetically kicking the carpet open. For many years, the Globes carpet rollout symbolically declared the start of Hollywood’s award-show season.
Jo Koy greets everyone with enthusiasm and is genuinely affectionate towards fellow Filipinos who sidle up to him. He shares his joy in getting this gig as the first Filipino-American host of one of Hollywood’s biggest nights.
“It's just... It's incredible. You know what I mean? And look, I'm talking to you guys, and this is inspirational. I love this,” he says, emphasizing the inspiration he draws from those who take pride in his success. His message echoes the essence of persistence and authenticity, proving that sticking with one's passion can lead to remarkable opportunities.
Jo Koy's rise isn't just a personal achievement; it's a symbolic victory for representation. Breaking traditional barriers, he reflects on the shift from sometimes playing empty venues to now being the host of a show that will be seen live by millions of people around the world.
“The most challenging is exactly what you said, writing. I have to write a completely different monologue. It's something that I'm not used to. But I love, I love what I'm doing. I love the challenge and I haven't stopped I haven't slept since the announcement,” he shares. He’s been bingeing nominated films and TV shows.
Hollywood was a childhood dream for Jo Koy, and now, as he occupies the best seat in the house, he sees it as an opportunity to inspire others. His wish is clear: more representation, more stories from diverse backgrounds. He believes that his mere presence on stage is the representation that speaks volumes.
“Now they get to see me in the best seat in the house, you know, so that's cool. And I know now that they're watching, they're gonna be like: ‘All right, well, maybe I can do this too.’ And that's what I want. I want more of us in Hollywood,” he says about the impact on his family and other children of immigrants seeing someone like him on the big stage.
Reflecting on his family's tradition of watching award shows like the Golden Globes, Jo Koy emphasizes the significance of now being the one in the spotlight. He hopes that by seeing him up there, his family and others will believe in their own potential, fostering a wave of inclusivity in Hollywood.
Jo Koy shares a parting message for his Filipino fans. “Enjoy what you do. And as long as you love it, it's gonna happen so stay dreaming, ha?! Mahal na mahal kita.”
The 81st Golden Globes will air live from the Beverly Hilton on January 7. 

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