This events space in Santa Rosa has a gorgeous lake view 2
Lakehall is an events space that combines breathtaking lakeside, golf course, and garden views.

This elegant events space in Santa Rosa, Laguna has a relaxing lake view

It’s also becoming a popular weekend destination, thanks to its proximity to Manila
ANCX Staff | Jul 04 2023

Its man-made lake is its piece de resistance but there’s more to Lakehall than this gorgeous body of water framed by nature and sky. This nearly 2000-sqm property inside Nena’s Sanctuary, located within the grounds of Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate in Sta. Rosa Laguna, aims to be the first well-integrated retail and garden center in the country.

The stunning Lakehall driveway.

Essentially, Lakehall is an events space that combines breathtaking lakeside, golf course, and garden views with contemporary and top-of-the-line amenities and luxuries. “We want to create modern amenities without breaking the experience of nature,” says its president, Crickette Tantoco. “We are an events hall that you can book as a venue for your milestone celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, and even corporate conventions. But we are also a curator of experiences, and we help you realize your vision for your dream event.”  

This dramatic, painterly entrance greets visitors.

Lakehall features thoughtfully designed banquet rooms, an outdoor courtyard, charming gardens, a terrace that overlooks the lake, and elegant bridal suites. The space comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, two prep kitchens, modern comfort rooms for each of the banquet rooms, a sound system, ample parking spaces, a driver’s lounge, among others. 

Entrance to the banquet hall.

The events space is the first phase in what is envisioned to be an omni-channel, lifestyle retail and leisure destination called Nena’s Sanctuary. Soon there will be a restaurant named after Crickette’s father-in-law Rico, a flower shop, plants shop, gift shop, a home store, and a specialty food store called Joel’s Place.

In Bloom concert guests spending quality time with family and friends at Lakehall’s outdoor space

Donnie Tantoco, chairman and Crickette’s other half, says Nena’s Sanctuary is a tribute to his folks, but also “a wellspring of what will hopefully be opportunities for our children where they can grow, express their creativity and pursue their dreams.”  

Lakehall is an elegant events place within Nena’s Sanctuary in Sta. Elena.

Here’s an idea of the Lakehall experience: Once you step into the impressive and painterly entrance, you’re led to a grand banquet hall which features wood-clad ceilings, concrete walls with botanical designs, and modern drop lights. Glass-sliding doors reveal gorgeous views of the lake and gardens. The entire space can hold up to 360 guests and can also be divided into three rooms for smaller events, each fitting up to 120 heads.

View of the beautiful outdoor space at Lakehall

The Peony Room is the first space that guests walk into upon entering the banquet hall, which offers access points to the courtyard and garden. The Dahlia Room is on the central area and is adjacent to the garden. The Iris Room faces out onto the terrace and deck with a view of the lake. 

The courtyard is a charming space where guests can mingle over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before the main event. We imagine it’s also ideal for picnics, glamping, or just watching the stars. Meanwhile, the garden is ideal as an outdoor lounge area with a comfortable seating capacity of 450 to 500 guests. The Terrace, on the other hand, is a chic outdoor lanai where everyone can enjoy drinks while taking in the lake and garden views. It’s considered the most beautiful spot in Lakehall and can fit 40 seated guests. 

The stage by the lake is ideal for weddings and performances.

Finally, the deck is an oval-shaped, outdoor theater with tiered seating. With a capacity of over 300, it is ideal for a wedding ceremony, a musical performance, a talk, even a convention. 

The man-made lake at dusk.

The two bridal suites—Gardenia and Orchid—are each equipped with their own bedroom, lounge, and private bathroom. These can also be booked for overnight stays, which come with a free breakfast. They also conveniently serve as a touch-up or dressing area.

Lakehall’s Banquet’s Hall transformed into dining space for the restaurant takeover by a mano and Ramen Ron

Lakehall is a family affair. Says Donnie and Crickette’s daughter Camille Tantoco-Ng, “We are like the Von Trapp Family from ‘The Sound of Music’ but instead of all being singers, we are all businessmen and businesswomen. We all bring something different to the table and have complementing talents. My brother, Christian, is the creative visionary. He makes sure the visual aesthetics of our brand are of the highest standards. He also protects and builds the image of the brand.”

Camille Tantoco Ng, Christian Tantoco, Miko and Nicole de los Reyes
Donnie and Crickette Tantoco

Camille’s twin sister Nicole is the writer and storyteller. “She is in charge of the narrative of Lakehall, and she crafts the communication materials of the company,” continues Camille. “My brother-in-law Miko Delos Reyes was the owner’s representative during the design process and construction. I am the more practical, numbers oriented member of the team. I make sure we meet deadlines, stay within the budget, file important documents, and follow processes that will make our jobs easier in the long run.” 

Lakehall at Nena’s Sanctuary is located at Txokolate Road, Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate, Sta. Rosa Laguna. For inquiries write to or call 0998-964-3181.