Never date someone broke? Here’s our favorite response 2
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash (left) and from Mimiyuuuh's Instagram

Never date someone broke? This Davaoeño teacher’s POV will change how you look at love

Our favorite writer from Davao says Mimiyuuuh’s controversial words make for a sound, practical advice but—
ANCX Staff | Jul 09 2023

Social media star Mimiyuuuh hogged online headlines early this week when she gave a beleaguered Cosmo Philippines reader advice that went: “Never ever date someone na walang pera.” 

The question came from a fan whose problem was how to tell an ex to pay the money they owed said fan. “Ilang beses ko na na-message pero puro excuses lang,” went the dilemma. “Paano ba 'to?" 

Our girl Mimi asked the fan why even date someone who’s broke in the first place. “Diyan ka nagkamali e, nagjowa ka ng walang pera," Mimiyuuuh said. "Dapat kasi stable ka muna sa sarili mo bago ka magdagdag ng tao sa buhay mo. You know what I'm saying?" 

Of course the whole citizenry of the interwebs had a lot to say about it. Some agreed with Mimiyuuuh, some didn’t. Our favorite response was from ANCX contributor and author of the book “How To Grieve,” Jade Mark Capiñanes. The Davaoeño teacher didn’t exactly say his Facebook post was his response to Mimi’s apparently controversial statement, but this was how it went. 

“sound, practical advice naman ang ‘never date someone na walang pera,’ but yung issue ko diyan is symptomatic siya ng common language ng mga relationship advice na patok sa socmed: they position you, the lover, primarily as receiver, rarely giver, of love.

“i’d like to live in a world where, instead of ‘maghanap ka ng taong marunong magluto,’ mas maraming naniniwala sa ‘matuto kang magluto’ o ‘ipagluto mo ang mga taong mahal mo.’ tanggap nang tanggap lang kasi gusto natin e, and that’s why, pag wala tayong natatanggap (which sadly is most of the time), we feel we aren’t loved enough.” 

Jade Mark then went on to suggest that his Facebook friends read a poem by Wendy Cope called “The Orange” which begins with: 

“At lunchtime I bought a huge orange—

The size of it made us all laugh.

I peeled it and shared it with Robert and Dave—

They got quarters and I had a half.”

You can find the whole three-stanza poem online but basically it’s about how the fruit and the other seemingly simple, ordinary things she did that day gave her not only a happy feeling but “peace and contentment.” 

After quoting Wendy Cope, Jade Mark went on to write: 

“sinabi ba ng persona ng tula na ‘maghanap ka ng taong bibigyan ka ng orange’ o ‘never date someone na walang pambili ng orange’? nope. instead bumili siya ng orange, shares it with others, that’s it.” And then he ends his note with: “binibigay kasi dapat ang pag-ibig, binabahagi—di hinahanap, di hinihingi.” 

The author’s post has been liked 9,300 times and has had, as of this writing, 9,400 shares. Has Mimiyuuuh gotten wind of Jade Mark’s insight? Very unlikely. Last we heard, she stood by her words