That’s entertainment: When Mayor Isko sang a Yoyoy song to Martha Stewart 2

That’s entertainment: When Mayor Isko sang a Yoyoy song to Martha Stewart

Because “Yorme” is always the life of any party  
Jerome Gomez | Aug 19 2019

Martha Stewart, the high priestess of entertaining at home, is currently in town. She will be addressing a crowd of fans and corporate leaders tomorrow at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in ANC’s Leadership Series, where she will talk about being an entrepreneur and a lifestyle diva.

But before that, she was at the National Museum of Natural History earlier today for a lunch hosted by Department of Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo Puyat. The event had some of the most illustrious names in local food today cooking up a storm, from Margarita Fores who orchestrated the day’s menu in collaboration with Puyat, writer and restauranteur Joel Binamira, and Pepita’s Lechon’s Dedet Dela Fuente, among others. 

And since the venue was in Manila, it’s only right that Puyat called on the presence of its official rockstar, Mayor Isko Moreno who just two nights before was regaling another set of business hotshots in the house of Doris Magsaysay Ho with his antics and charm. 

Today, “Yorme” met Stewart at the top end of the museum’s main steps. In a very good mood after a visit to Intramuros, she readily asked him how long he has been the mayor. He answered seven weeks. 

That’s entertainment: When Mayor Isko sang a Yoyoy song to Martha Stewart 3
Mons Romulo, Martha Stewart, DOT Secretary Berna Romulo Puyat and Mayor Isko Moreno

After Martha was introduced the day’s dishes, she sat at the center table, and was flanked by Secretary Puyat and Mayor Isko. The furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue was on the same table, as well as Metro Society  editor Raul Manzano, Town and Country’s Alicia Sy, and Binamira who everyone was saying was the event’s walking enyclopedia, happily dispensing wisdom on a variety of subjects. 


When Martha met Mayor.

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But when somebody brought up the topic of Philippine history, Binamira was no match to the man who sat across him, Mayor Isko. Martha said she had read up on the subject before coming to Manila. And then someone in the table mentioned the date the Philippines was discovered. Which Mayor Isko took as cue to turn his inner rockstar on: he started to singing the Yoyoy Villame classic ditty, “Magellan:”

“On March 16, 1521 

When Philippines was discovered by Magellan

They were sailing day and night across the big ocean”

Good thing the DOT Secretary caught a short clip of the mayor singing on her phone. The performance elicited laughter from Stewart and the rest of the table. With Fores saying the song is a great way for us to recall our history. 

Stewart will be in town for a few days and, after the ANC event, has her schedule packed with shopping, sight-seeing and learning about the Philippines: its food, its products and, in one way or another, its history—but maybe not anymore with a mayor singing.