Rory Quintos: From blockbuster director to energy healer 2
Rory Quintos trekking the Cordillera mountains. Photo courtesy of Quintos

Director Rory Quintos is now a mountain dweller and energy healer: ‘Ibang tao na ako ngayon’

It all started when she almost lost her life because of dengue
RHIA GRANA | Aug 21 2023

Since the ABS-CBN broadcast network was shut down by Philippine lawmakers in 2020, we haven’t heard much about Rory Quintos, director of such beloved teleseryes as “The Legal Wife,” “Pangako sa ‘Yo,” “Forevermore,” “La Luna Sangre,” and “A Love to Last.” As for movies, she is best remembered as the director behind such memorable titles as “Kailangan Kita,” “Anak,” “Dubai,” “Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay,” and “Sa Aking mga Kamay.” 

Direk Rory’s career in the entertainment world has spanned a total of 36 years. But we found thru her recent posts on Instagram that the prolific filmmaker has chosen another world she wants to belong in. She’s been based in the Cordillera mountains for three years now and is an energy healer specializing in depression, anxiety and Covid-19.

Rory Quintos
With the cast of "Maria la del Barrio"

In an interview with ANCX, she reveals she’s been practicing energy medicine for 13 years now. From 2010 to 2020, she lived a “secret life” as an energy healer, practicing in between her directing stints. Her “awakening” started after experiencing a near-death experience. While doing the drama series “Kristine,” Direk Rory was bitten by a mosquito in one of the outdoor locations and caught a bad case of dengue.

She thought she was a goner after she suffered nose bleeding and her platelet count got extremely low. “The doctor said [my dengue] was so bad,” she recalls. “The normal blood platelet count is 120,000. When you go down to 80,000 or 60,000, it’s likely that you have dengue. People start dying at 25,000. I reached 4,000.”

The TV director was at the height of her career and supporting her family—so she thought she can’t give up on life just yet. She called The Healing House and turned to energy medicine. “I survived dengue [because of energy healing],” she says.

Rory Quintos
With some of the cast and crew of “Only You” in Korea (2008)

Doctors told Rory that for the kind of dengue she had, it’s possible some of her organs might have been badly affected too so she decided to get an executive checkup. She was surprised when the tests showed all her organs were fine. “It's like a miracle,” she says. The doctors told her, “Live your life well because this is your second life.”

The experience changed her outlook and inspired her to join The Healing Circle. She studied energy healing for 10 years and eventually became a reiki master, knowledgeable on the basics of homeopathy, millennium method, and other modalities.

When ABS-CBN ceased network operations after its 25-year congressional franchise was not renewed, Rory took it as a sign to embark on a new chapter in her life. “I knew that I wanted to become an energy healer,” says the now 60-year-old.

A friend told her about MDP Village, an ashram of energy healers in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, and they right away decided to visit the place. The location is an hour and a half away from Sagada. “The moment I stepped in here I said, ‘Okay, this is it. I'm moving here.’”

Rory Quintos
With the cast of "Only You in Korea" (2008)

Life in the Cordilleras

At MDP Village, Rory studied with an international community of energy healers called the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID), from which she learned higher modalities and teachings on energy medicine.

She didn’t return to Manila for a whole year. “I was really tired from my career. I didn't even know that I was suffering from depression na pala. So they helped me, healed me, and strengthened me,” says Rory. 

Six months prior to moving to the village, the director was in and out of St. Luke’s Hospital. “I thought I was dying, like I was having a heart attack. But when I studied depression and anxiety, I found out they were extreme anxiety attacks,” she says.

Rory Quintos
Shooting in Bhutan for "Princess and I" (2012)

On her first year at MDP, she was advised to focus on self-care. “Thirty-six years na akong nagpupuyat. So my physical body was really depleted,” she says. “I was very blessed with my career. Tuluy-tuloy ang projects ko, walang pahinga.”

As a young director, she was living the “crazy showbiz life.” Little did she know this would eventually take a toll on her health. In 2015, while doing an ocular visit to Pangasinan for the revival of the TV series “Pangako Sa’yo,” Rory got into an accident that tore her posterior cruciate ligament, or PCL. She had to go on therapy for a year to recuperate from the injury.

Today, Rory is happy to report that her legs have totally healed. “The way they make you stronger here, you’d trek up the mountains and plant there,” she says with a smile. “That’s one of the ways they healed me—they aligned me. But of course, it’s not just healing, healing, healing. You also have to do your part. I really did my part. I exercised discipline in my diet [She’s now a vegetarian]. I slept a lot on the first year, pambawi sa 36 years na pagpupuyat ko. Then nag-aral talaga ako.”

Rory Quintos
Rory with Master Del Pe, founder and creator of the MDP Village, on her graduation day

What is energy healing?

“We have auras or energy fields around our body called the etheric aura or our vitality aura,” Rory says, echoing what she learned from Master Del Pe, founder and creator of the MDP Village. “There are people who take a lot of healthy stuff and supplements. But how come they always get so tired? It’s because their etheric or vitality is depleted or congested.” 

It could also be, says Rory, that their emotional and mental aura are “very dirty.” 

“[In energy healing], part of what we do is clean all the auras, study each organ and system of the body. These are all related to the energy centers in our body called chakras,” she says. “What we do is we clean, balance and heal whatever organ is damaged or deceased because if you do not clean and take care of your three auras, it will eventually hit your physical body. That’s when disease and disorders happen.”

Energy healing is cleaning a person’s whole being, not just the physical body. “[Diseases and disorders] could come from our past, our childhood traumas, experiences, anger, etc. So we clean and heal the past, so that person can be unburdened. We heal the present and we heal also the future.”

Rory says they can heal any kind of disease—cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental health issues, autism etc. “We have over 57 specializations. If a person has depression or anxiety, I can do it. If it's something serious like cancer, we refer to the senior healers,” she says.  

Rory Quintos
Rory specializes in healing depression, anxiety and Covid-19.

“I always use the line, ‘You don't need to suffer’ because I suffered so much,” adds Rory. “So for those who are suffering out there—whether you have anxiety, depression, a disease, a disorder, whether your marriage is on the rocks, you don't need to suffer. We can help you. There is help.” 

According to energy healing, there are five key areas in life that need to be balanced: health (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health); career; family; spirituality; and social and environmental contribution.

“I’m living proof that it’s possible to find that balance in your life and achieve peace and joy,” she says. “I’m not drinking anything—medicine for hypertension, diabetes etc. I wake up every day to these mountains. I live a very strong purpose in my life. They say kasi noon that when you’re retired, you’re going downhill already. Hindi yan totoo.”

She adds: “Our mission really is to help try to make a better world so that the whole world can heal. How do we do that? By finding people who need healing…That is one of the goals of Ashram—to try our best to help humanity.”

Rory Quintos
Rory shooting with Master Del Pe for her YouTube vlog “Living My Greatest Life”


The last 13 years have been an immense learning experience for this energy healer. “My number one realization is that there's so much more than what I thought. Kasi I almost died, right? All these material things, anger, angst, and hurt that we have…they’re just little grains of sand in the whole universe.”

She realized she hurt a lot of people in the past because “I was so matapang when I was a director…I have all these useless anger and fiery emotions that were really totally toxic.” She’s thankful that life outside of showbiz was able to calm her down. “When you have 24, 48 hours left [in your life], you’d realize that all that anger was a waste of time and energy.”

Rory also discovered that it is in serving one’s highest purpose that one will find true joy. “People my generation think wala na, wala nang gagawin. For each and every one of us, there is really a higher purpose.”

When asked if she still wants to go back to directing again someday, Rory says she would still would love to direct but would like to do inspirational projects. “Ibang tao na ako ngayon e,” she says looking happy and peaceful. “Klarong klaro na sa akin yung mission ko in life eh. As much as possible, if given the chance to go back as a director, it would be something that will help hopefully awaken people, so that they can go on and achieve their highest mission in life.”

And how about returning to life in Manila? “For now I live here. I've been living here for three years already. I don’t have any more plans ten years down the road.” She says she’s lifting it all up to the Divine Being. “Bahala ka na,” she says looking up. “Wherever my path will take me that’s where I would go.”

Photos courtesy of Rory Quintos