Here are the top 5 Filipino podcasts on Spotify 2
Hugot and a quick comedy fix are clearly the crowd-drawers.

These are the Filipino podcasts topping the Spotify charts

According to latest data from the audio streaming provider, local podcast-listening shows a 60 percent growth in the last year
ANCX Staff | Oct 10 2022

Spotify data has revealed that the Philippines has seen more than 60% growth in time spent listening to podcasts in the last 12 months, with local shows leading the charge. Top shows include:
1. Barangay Love Stories
2. Dear MOR: The Podcast
3. Charot Readings with Macoy Dubs & Show Suzuki
4. skypodcast
5. Punchline with Alex Calleja!
Carl Zuzarte, Spotify’s Head of Studios for Southeast Asia shares, “We want Pinoys to think of podcasts as their daily audio habit that provides a moment to pause and reflect on rich and inspiring stories.”
Hugot and a quick comedy fix are clearly the crowd-drawers. The Spotify data reveals that local podcasts spanning across Love & Relationships, Wellness, and Entertainment genres resonated the most with Pinoy listeners.
Topics on shared experiences, like childhood habits, for example, really get Pinoy audiences talking, according to Antoinette Jadaone and JP Habac of Spotify Exclusive Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast (AWK). 

“It’s important to us that our podcasts sound–and feel–like a conversation among best friends”, says film director Jadaone. As per the Spotify stats, Pinoys overseas, particularly those working in the United States, Maldives and Kenya, look forward to the AWK podcast because it gives them a taste of home. In it, the hosts get to talk and laugh about relationships and local pop culture topics. 

Podcasts have also given audiences a venue to be with their favorite content creators in a more relaxed setting. Shares Mavy Legaspi, creator of Spotify Original MavLine on Me, “People are used to seeing Kyline [Alcantara] and I give short responses or rehearsed answers. With Spotify creating a space that enables long and thoughtful conversations, it allows our listeners to get to know us in an authentic way.” MavLine on Me is where the screen partners get to talk about “relatable topics” and indulge in “honest conversations.” 
“We are thrilled that our growing range of Spotify podcasts entertain Filipinos and connect them to creators and content,” says Zuzarte. “This serves as a motivation for us to continuously innovate and uplift creativity in the Philippines.”