This Bionic Boy's Life: what happened after Malacañang 2
From the book True Encounters with the Unknown

This Bionic Boy's Life: what happened after Malacañang

What happened to Ronald Joaquin Marcos after he fell out of favor with the occupants of Martial Law era Malacañang? 
Jaime T. Licauco | Nov 01 2018

We excerpt the article from the updated edition of the book, ‘True Encounters with the Unkown’ published in 2000. The article is an account of Bionic Boy after he left Malacañang, the presidential residence. The original volume was published in 1986, when accounts of the Bionic Boy became urban legend during the protest movement of the ‘80s. The author is a renowned parapsychologist.


Many Filipinos must have heard of Ronald Joaquin Marcos, the so-called Bionic Wonder Boy who is reputed to be a virtual psychic whiz-kid. He first attracted attention sometime in 1976 when he was featured in a newspaper story written by journalist and TV host, Jullie Yap Daza. The article described his sensational psychic feats, like his ability to read the written question he is asked without looking at the paper on which it is written, or to write his answers to questions on paper without the ballpen touching the paper. A more dramatic talent is his being able to connect a caller to any place in the world without using a telephone line; at times he even uses only a plastic toy telephone.

Presidential Encounter 
He later became an instant national celebrity in 1977 when it was reported that then President Ferdinand E. Marcos officially adopted him as his son; this explains his use of the name Marcos. To prove his super human ability, he reportedly told the President that he could stop all communications to and from Malacanang for five minutes by his mental power alone and he did. Certain sources say that Mr. Marcos allegedly adopted Ronnie in order to protect Ronnie from attempts by the Russian KGB to kidnap him and take him abroad to be studied and used for their own purposes. Also according to rumors, it was Ronnie who told the President to recall the plane Bong Bong Marcos was riding in because it was going to crash. The President did recall that plane to let Bong Bong out; the plane crashed afterwards, killing almost every passenger. The next round of rumors came after a year or two. The First Family reportedly got rid of him because of “certain abuses” he committed and for embarrassing the President by talking a lot about his exploits in Malacanang. Ronnie flatly denied all these.

Life After Malacanang 
Following the Malacanang episode, very little was heard or read about this wonder boy in the mass media. But numerous stories about him reached me in greater frequency. Two female acquaintances, for instance, told me that they saw Ronnie change a ten-peso bill into a 100-peso bill. He did this by holding the P10 bill with one hand and covering it with the other. Then he blew on it. When he opened his palms, the P10 bill was gone and the P100 bill appeared. To test the genuineness of the P100 bill, the girls decided to buy something with it at a nearby store. The storeowner accepted it. 

The same ladies told me how they saw Ronnie materialize a business card of a Japanese tourist because he wanted to have the same card. He borrowed the card of the Japanese and placed it between two sheets of white bond paper. Then he shook it a little. Afterwards, he held the sheets up and out fell two identical business cards. 

Some years later I met Floro Brosas, the psychic medical doctor from Liliw, Laguna. Dr. Brosas related to me how he saw Ronnie produce fried chicken out of nothing. He and Ronnie were eating chicken one day. After finishing one whole chicken, Ronnie was still hungry. He asked the doctor if there was still some chicken left, the doctor replied that there was none left. So Ronnie said, “Never mind. I’ll just make one.” Then he placed his hand inside an empty paper bag and pulled out one whole fried chicken. The doctor swore that the bag was empty. 

Another famous story involved Ronnie’s application for a visa to the United States. He was initially denied. He then challenged the Deputy Consul General that if he could make the consul talk to his relative in the United States using only a toy telephone, he should grant him a visa. The consul agreed. So Ronnie did his thing again and the consul was able to talk to his grandmother in the States using only a toy telephone. Ronnie was granted his visa.

Personal History 
Ronnie Joaquin’s personal background is a great mystery. This gave rise to speculations that he may be a creature from outer space, although nothing in him seems to suggest an extraterrestrial origin except his extraordinary psychic abilities. As far as one could gather from him, Ronnie was an orphan who entered the seminary at a very young age. There, he was accused of stealing by the priests and as a result, was asked to leave the seminary. He denied the accusation. But the emotional pain was such that he never fully recovered from it. It was probably during this moment of terrible grief that he developed his “power”. Discovering one’s psychic abilities during intense emotional stress is not an uncommon phenomenon. Many psychic abilities have flowered during moments of physical pain, sickness, emotional strain, or injury caused by accident. There are also natural psychics who have developed their abilities through gradual and normal means; this is the ideal condition because one can guide himself towards a balanced growth. In the case of an accidental opening of the psychic centers, the development of one’s personality can be lopsided, that is, one can be psychically developed without being emotionally and spiritually developed. When this happens, a psychic frankenstein often results.

My Encounter With Ronnie 
Because of Ronnie’s increasing fame, I became intrigued. I tried to locate and contact him but whenever I would find someone who could tell me of his whereabouts, he would disappear. I finally met him on December 11, 1984 at the residence of a retired government executive connected with the defunct Reparations Commission. There were more than a dozen people who gathered that evening to meet Ronnie. I had a hundred questions to ask him which I had been keeping these past years. These questions would confirm or deny my theories about this psychic man’s abilities such as the following: 

1. The ability to write from afar and to call up another person by long distance without using a telephone line has some-thing to do with the astral body and the process of astral projection. 

2. The above superhuman powers must also be related to spirits or spirit guides. I theorized that he must have an extraordinary, powerful spirit guide. 

3. The emission of a strange engine-like humming sound could indicate the involvement of extraterrestrials or UFOs. 

After observing his remarkable mind reading stuff, his distant writing skill, and his charging of two dead penlight batteries without instruments, I was convinced no spirit was involved. I felt no change in the energy of the room when he was performing these psychic demonstrations. Ronnie himself confirmed this. He also discounted some astral projection and, in fact he did not even seem to know what I was talking about. Neither did he attribute his ability to E.T.’s. He just called it his “power;” when using his power, he said he could do anything and know anything. He added that he could be asked any sort of intellectual or academic questions and he would be able to answer them correctly. He also said he could even see the naked body of a fully dressed woman with his “x-ray” vision.

Ronnie’s Behavior 
Keenly observing him that evening, I noticed that Ronnie looks more like an overgrown, overweight child than a mature adult. In fact, he is still a child in many ways. He would behave like a child and even stuff himself with food like a child. He calls every elderly man or woman “daddy” and “mommy,” because, as he said, “I have no more parents.” Then he addresses every young lady as “darling.” He speaks a slanggish American accent as one normally hears from drunken soldiers. He said he acquired the accent when he was in the United States. He did casually mention to us that evening that he had just returned from the United States where he was made “art adviser to President Reagan.” He also said he worked with the NASA for a period of time. Another fantastic claim he made was that he obtained a medical degree from the Harvard Medical School and that he could do brain surgery via the telephone. He did not elaborate, however, on this mind-boggling medical process. Like a child, he would get very sensitive when his powers and claims are doubted or his abilities evaluated. For instance, he said that he was given an intensive, whole-day oral test by medical specialists from Harvard because his written examination was so perfect that they thought he had cheated. When he was about to relate how he passed the oral test with flying colors, he mentioned that the First Lady was even present at the time. So I jokingly said I will ask the First Lady next time I see her to check if she was really there during his orals or not. He became visibly shaken by this remark that he stopped talking. Like a hurt child, he pouted his lips and said, “Go ahead, check it first, since you don’t believe me.” My attempts to explain that I meant no offense but was just trying to help him establish credibility by checking on facts proved temporarily futile. After a while, our host was able to appease his feelings and get him in the mood again. He then flawlessly recited the questions and answers that allegedly took place during his reported oral examination at the Harvard Medical School. They included diverse topics such as forensic medicine and the anatomical structure of the female reproductive system.

Conclusion: He’s Genuine but... 
From this encounter, I concluded the following:

First, the psychic feats of this Bionic Wonder Boy appear to be genuine. There is no way for them to be considered trickery by any stretch of the imagination. Although I have seen a magician perform a similar trick of anticipating the words written by another person without seeing them, Ronnie’s feat could not have been done by mere trickery, because it had to include the elements of the paranormal such as telepathy and precognition. 

Second, certain features of his abilities, like making the written reply appear on the 4th to the 6th sheet of paper and not on top are unique, not to mention his ability to connect parties over long distances through a toy telephone or through real phones without dialing the number nor passing through the switch board operator. 

Third, his psychic abilities obviously involve a high degree of psychokinesis, telepathy, and materialization. 

Fourth, he has no independent knowledge of his own; he appears to be directed or controlled by an unknown force or power when he goes into a trance-like state or altered state of consciousness. As such, he is no better than a robot or a puppet. The obvious triggering mechanism is the snapping of his fingers. When he is in that tuned-in state, he is almost omniscient; no knowledge escapes him. Under normal state of consciousness, he knows almost nothing and cannot answer the most simple questions. 

Fifth, there appears to be no integration in his personality. He obviously has highly developed psychic faculties but underdeveloped emotional and spiritual faculties. Thus, the tantrums and emotional outbursts whenever he is doubted. Because of this, he can pose a danger to others unless he is able to place his powers under control. That evening, for example, he spoke of his ability to blow up the mind of another person that angers or opposes him. Knowing of similar powers, possessed by the Kahunas of Hawaii, this ability to kill or at least render another person sick through mental power is a distinct possibility. 

In summary, where does Ronnie Joaquin Marcos get his powers? My psychic source tells me that it comes from the same source as that of Uri Geller (the Israeli spoon-bender and psychic). “They are raw powers, ‘gross.’ They are mere emanations of the ‘prairies’ of the upper realms. They are of the carnival type which can impress but cannot teach: according to a high spirit entity we consulted in 1984. 

I never again had the chance to meet Ronnie Joaquin after that encounter.

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