Vespa unveils latest models for 2024 at Vespa Day 2
A Vespa on display at Vespa Day 2024. Handout

Vespa unveils latest models for 2024 at Vespa Day

Urban mobility icon continues to define Italian elegance and style.
ANCX Staff | Jun 04 2024

Vespa, the quintessential symbol of Italian lifestyle and urban mobility, has introduced its latest models for 2024 -- the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint -- on Vespa Day 2024 held over the weekend at The Tent at Villar City, Las PiƱas. 

The event featured displays of vintage and new Vespa units, community rides, test rides, game booths, and food trucks. The celebration, headlined by OPM band The Itchyworms, fostered community spirit among Vespa enthusiasts.

“Vespa is more than just a vehicle; it's a lifestyle choice that resonates with the values of our vibrant community. As we gather at Vespa Day, we're not just sharing the road; we're sharing experiences, stories, and a passion that connects us all,” said Nicola Capello, marketing head of Piaggio Asia Pacific. “Today, we celebrate not just a scooter, but a symbol of style, freedom, and a rich heritage that has stood the test of time.”

Renowned for its youthful and vibrant spirit, the Vespa "small body" series has been revamped with enhanced style and technical features, reaffirming its status as an emblem of Italian elegance worldwide.

The new Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint maintain their successful core concepts, dimensions, and engines while elevating their exclusivity with distinct aesthetic elements. These updates cater to modern innovators, blending timeless design with state-of-the-art technology to satisfy diverse tastes.

The Vespa Primavera. Handout
The Vespa Primavera. Handout

The Vespa Primavera is a beacon of simplicity and sophistication, ideal for those who appreciate the authentic Vespa vibe. Available in the Philippines in White Innocenza, Green Relax, Orange Tramonto, Grey Materia, and Blue Deep, the Primavera offers a palette that reflects its elegant essence.

The Vespa Primavera S enhances the classic design with a fresh, modern look. This model, available in Beige Sabbia, Blue Capri, Yellow Mimosa, and Green Kiwi, features new finishes and graphics, merging functionality with refined taste. The Primavera S is crafted for those who seek a blend of modernity and classic Vespa heritage.

The Vespa Sprint. Handout
The Vespa Sprint. Handout

The Vespa Sprint, the sporty incarnation of the brand, appeals to the young and young-at-heart with its dynamic and bold design. Available in Green Tenace, Grey Materia, and Yellow Mimosa in the Philippines, the Sprint embodies a unique and stylish sporty spirit.

The Vespa Sprint S 2024 brings a renewed energy with striking red and black stickers, catering to those with a vibrant and powerful temperament. In the Philippines, the Sprint S is offered in Black Convinto, Orange Tramonto, White Innocenza, Green Ambizioso, and Blue Eclettico, each paired with dedicated graphics and bold black details.

The new Vespa models feature significant design upgrades. The dashboard and handlebar showcase aesthetic improvements and ergonomic enhancements. The back shield is entirely redesigned with a practical knob. The Vespa tie and grid have new air vents and details, while the rims feature unique designs: 5-spoke gray for the Primavera and 6-spoke glossy pastel black with a spiral pattern for the Sprint S.

Equipped with Full LED lighting for better visibility, an anti-theft system (Immobilizer), ABS front disc brakes, and a USB charging port, these models blend tradition with innovation. The analog-LCD display on the instrument panel combines elegance and sportiness, providing clear and essential information.

Visit your nearest Vespa dealership to explore the new Vespa Sprint and Primavera 2024 colors.