Yes, you can cook an entire chicken in an air fryer 2
The Russel Hobbs air fryer can fit a whole chicken. Photo courtesy of Let's Cook Pare
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Yes, you can cook an entire chicken in an air fryer

If you bought one that’s big enough, of course. Here are your options
ANCX Staff | Jan 21 2021

Not a few of you called our attention regarding a specific detail in our story “Mano a Mano: Is the turbo broiler really better than an air fryer?” 

We said in our original report (now updated!) that one of the disadvantages of an air fryer is that it’s size cannot accommodate an entire chicken, or a whole Lapu-lapu. Which is only true for some air fryers, apparently. 

So I guess we deserve this scolding from reader Luli Agustin Tuzon. She wrote: “Hi ANCX, i just wanted to flag your article on Air fryer vs turbo broiler. Clearly your staff did not do his/her research well. There are a bunch of Air Fryer that are bigger than the basket type, thus can cook a whole chicken, a whole fish and a whole lechon roll. Would have been better if your writer put a caveat on the size of the air fryer he was pertaining to. Please be responsible in publishing your articles.” Thank you for the info, Luli. Also, ouch. 

The local distributor of the brand Russell Hobbs, meanwhile, also called our attention via a post on their IG story. Eager to learn more, we got in touch with them. Arnel Arquillano, regional sales manager of Tocoms Philippines Inc., exclusive distributor of Russell Hobbs in the Philippines, says they sell two types of air fryers: a 3.5 liter and a 5-liter size. 

The first one has a timer and temperature you can set manually. The more high-end model, the 5L one, is digital and has preprogrammed settings. The small air fryer can cook a jumbo chicken (about 1.5 kilos), and the big air fryer can cook a bigger jumbo chicken (2.5 kilos).

Yes, you can cook an entire chicken in an air fryer 3
Tefal's Oiless fryer. Photo from Lazada

As per our research, there are air fryers that have as much as a 3-lb capacity—which approximates a whole chicken with two bags of fries.

Arnel says air fryers cook faster because the hot air circulates in a smaller space, as compared to a bulkier turbo broiler with a bigger cooking space. “Kung sa turbo broiler, 1 hour or more ang cooking, sa air fryer, 45 minutes lang kasi mas compact siya,” he says. 

When they started selling air fryers ten years ago, offering Philips (which patented the Rapid Air Technology), air fryers cost about P20,000. But when competing brands started coming up with their own versions of the product, prices naturally went down. In fact, you can now find an air fryer online at P1,5000.

Yes, you can cook an entire chicken in an air fryer 4
The 4.1 liter Philips air fryer can fit this much amount of food. Photo from Lazada

Product manager Micob Tacastacas warns, however, that the lower priced air fryers are usually not made from industrial grade plastic. “Nade-deform siya after isa or dalawang gamitan. Dapat kasi ang plastic na ginagamit saair fryer ay heat resistant, industrial grade,” he says.

In the Philippines, there are three major brands in the same market bracket—Russel Hobbs, Philips, and Tefal. Air fryers offered by these brands range from P8,000 to P40,000+++. Russell Hobbs’ 3.5L air fryers are now on sale at P5,995 (SRP is P8995), in leading appliance stores and online on Lazada and Shopee.

The official store of Tefal on Lazada, as of this writing, offers one type of air fryer with 800g capacity, priced at P9,238. The official Philips store on Lazada offers the 4.1-liter capacity (4,100g) at a discounted price of P10,499, but as of this writing, it's out of stock. As per their website, Philips also has the 800g capacity digital air fryers at P18,995 and P15,495.