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Manila Coffee Festival 2023: Explore the world of coffee this weekend at Newport World Resorts

The Manila Coffee Festival returns with events and treats that promise to wake up and shake up coffee fans and aficionados

The country’s annual coffee lifestyle event is happening at Newport World Resorts this year. On March 17, 18, and 19, the Manila Coffee Festival 2023 (MCF2023) returns with a full roster of happenings to celebrate anything and everything coffee. 

From 11 AM to 9 PM, the three-day festival will be brewing exciting activities from talks with coffee experts, live cultural performances, art exhibitions, and more —all at the Marriott Grand Ballroom’s MGBX Convention Hall.

“We are happy to host the Manila Coffee Festival here at the Marriott within Newport World Resorts,” says Bruce Winton, Multi-Property Vice President - The Philippines, Marriott International and General Manager, Marriott Hotel Manila. “The MGBX Convention Hall is an excellent choice for such a huge event. The space spans 4,400 sqm., enough for guests to explore and discover everything there is to know about Manila’s coffee scene. We look forward to more wonderful Marriott Moments with our MCF2023 collaborators.”

Manila Coffee Festival

This year’s Manila Coffee Festival spotlights the country’s coffee heritage, food, and subcultures. Not to be missed are the Kape Talks, or KTalks, with seasoned industry experts. KTalks will allow audiences to learn about coffee’s place in the culinary world, the nation’s coffee subculture, and get to hear stories from individuals shaping the robust local coffee industry.

Throughout the three day affair, expert brewers will be at the Single Origin Bar to provide guests coffee that will delight casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. At the Double Shot Bar, mixologists will present boozy creations that will showcase just how coffee can go from morning pick-me-upper to cocktail hour option. 

Meanwhile, the Art Hall at the MCF2023 is a must visit for art enthusiasts. This year’s exhibit is curated by Sining, Kape at Kultura and the Association of Coffee Artists of the Philippines. Eye-catching works from both local and international artists are expected to fill a 200-ft gallery installed within the venue.

Aside from this year’s main events, the MCF2023 will also feature an Alternative Mobility Exhibit by the MOVE Caravan, bicycle and scooter enthusiasts who promote alternative mobility in the Metro’s cities. The festival’s exhibitors and sponsors will also provide live demos and workshops for Manila’s coffee-loving community.

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