Where to order freshly baked bread for pickup and delivery 2
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Where to order freshly baked bread for pickup and delivery

For those who can’t go without their daily bread—pandesal, cheese rolls, baguette, or sourdough—here’s our list of bread shops that are currently open and baking daily. By ANCX
| Apr 03 2020

During these days of global lockdown, it seems like anyone and everyone is baking bread at home, if you go by the growing number of bread-making videos making the rounds of YouTube and social media. But for those of you who aren’t up to making your favorite dinner rolls from scratch, the first option is to order a batch from your neighborhood panaderia if it’s open for business. If not, there are a number of bread shops around Metro Manila and environs where you can pick up or have delivered fresh baked pandesal, croissants, sourdough loaves, and more.

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Here’s a tip to extend the shelf life of your bread—simply freeze then pop a slice or loaf in the toaster oven to thaw and warm up.



Boulangerie 22


Cibo di Marghi


Dean & Deluca


Element Boutique Hotel


Formosa Bakeshop





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Paul Boulangerie


The French Baker


The Gourmet Breadhouse

Tous Les Jours


Wildflour Café + Bakery


The best kind of sticky situation. Our sticky buns are available for pre-order. Send us a DM! ⚡️⚡️

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