Father’s Day treats for the many dads in your life 2
From left: Karai Tokusei from Ramen Marudori, Poison Doughnuts, Luisita Rum Reserva
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Treats for dads this Father’s Day: tapas for breakfast, Costa Brava cake in ice cream form, and more

Make your Father’s Day treat extra special with any of these fantastic recommendations
Cyrene de la Rosa | Jun 15 2022

Dining out

For the dads who have everything: Check out Ember, Chef Josh Boutwood’s newest restaurant that just opened at Greenbelt 3 beside People’s Palace. It’s like a cross between the chef’s Savage and The Test Kitchen, but with its own distinct charm. Must-try dishes include a very hearty short ribs dish that can feed two—although it’s too good to share—a perfectly grilled octopus and turbot, too. Contact 0916-420.1600 to reserve.

Short Rib, Onion and Wasabi from Ember
Short Rib, Onion and Wasabi from Ember

For the dad who loves Spanish food: Shake things up a little and treat them for breakfast—take him to Bar Pintxos in Salcedo which just launched a new breakfast menu that’s available daily at the Salcedo branch. Must-try dishes are the Bacalao bocadillo—sweet savory bacalao spread on top of torrijas (Spanish French toast) finished with some honey and caviar—and the salpicao-like Salteado Ternera. Contact 0977-073.4737 to reserve.

Bar Pinxtos' Bacalao Bocadillos
Bacalao Bocadillos from Bar Pinxtos
Marudori's Titan Tori Ramen
Titan Tori Ramen from Ramen Marudori

For the dad who loves ramen: Treat him to chicken-centric ramen joint Ramen Marudori at 8 Rockwell. It’s from the same guys that brought us Yushoken and Mendokoro. They just added two new dishes last June 1 that are must-tries: the Super Chashu’s giant sized sibling Titan Tori Ramen with 300 grams of heavenly chicken on top and for the spicy tsukemen lovers the Karai Tokusei. Don’t forget to order a side of the (current) best gyoza in town—made with chicken, naturally, instead of pork. Like xiao long bao but loads better. DM @ramen_marudori on Instagram for more info.

Fire-grilled Wagyu steak from Bistronomade Manila
Fire-grilled Wagyu Steak from Bistronomade Manila

Special delivery

For the dad who loves Mexican food: Order gourmet Mexican from Bistronomade Manila. These are bistro eats inspired by Chef-owner & Maitre Saucier Aaron Isip’s world travels. Try the refreshing and addicting Tostada of Pacific Sea Bream Crudo with red dragonfruit aguachile and pickled radishes and red onions, or the fire-grilled Wagyu steak marinated in Tare that comes complete with Mexican rice, free range low temperature egg yolk with Yakiniku-Habanero sauce. All available in regular portions that are good for two to bigger portion Fiesta trays. Text 0917-554 4382 to order.

Jamaican Goat Curry from Mensie’s Jerk House
Jamaican Goat Curry from Mensie’s Jerk House

For the dad who loves Jamaican food: Check out homestyle Jamaican comfort food like Jerk Chicken, Rib Tips, Beef Oxtail Stew and Goat Curry from Mensie’s Jerk House. It’s a food delivery business born out of a Jamaican-American expat’s longing for food from home. Those who can’t take too much heat must remember to order the mild version of the typically spicy dishes as most dishes are spiced-up with scotch bonnet chili peppers with a heat rating of 100,000-350,000 Scoville units. Text 0917-318.1758 or 0917-517.1791 to order.

Cafe Mocha Cake from Tilde Bakery
Cafe Mocha Cake from Tilde Bakery

Sweet treats

For the dad who loves coffee and chocolates: Tilde Bakery, which just moved to Kapitolyo from Poblacion, just came out with a new Café Mocha Cake made of three layers of light coffee flavored chiffon, alternating with layers of rich chocolate mousse and coffee cream cheese frosting, and topped with coffee meringues and toasted almonds. Contact 0966-946.7137.

Poison Doughnuts
Poison Doughnuts

For the dad who likes doughnuts: Poison doughnuts just launched a line of new cheese flavored goodies meant to be paired with their own handcrafted bottled sangria and mocktails. The Sharp Cheddar Chocolate and Truffle Honey Manchego flavors are a must-try together with their old favorites—the vanilla, blueberry and garam masala doughnuts. Order now via: bit.ly/OrderPoison, www.Poison.pickup.ph or via Grabfood, Foodpanda and/or Pickaroo.

Fog city Birthday cake ice cream
Fog City Birthday Cake Ice Cream

For the dads who love ice cream and cake: With the hot weather we are currently experiencing, this delicious collaboration between Fog City Creamery Ice Cream and Costa Brava cakes is a match made in foodie heaven. Costa Brava’s marshmallow birthday cake in ice cream form—sign us up! Made of birthday cake batter ice cream with layers of marshmallow icing and candy sprinkles on top. You wouldn’t want to share a pint of this, and trust me neither will your dad. Text 0917-883.3344 to order. Ask for the “Birthday Cake” ice cream.

Shangrila-La Fort The Back Room bar
Shangrila-La Fort's The Back Room bar

Premium drinks

For the dad who likes his cocktails: If you’re looking for a fun cocktail kit to give, consider the “Bar on the Run” gin kit from Shangri-La Fort’s award-winning bar, The Back Room. The Gin Kit features not just one but two of the bar’s Manila-raised gins made out of key local Philippine ingredients like dalandan, sampaguita, and malunggay for their signature “The Bee’s Knees.” Comes with a bottle of the limited edition Spellbound by Bee’s Knees. Perfect for making a refreshing cocktail in a jiffy. DM @backroomph on IG to order or contact 09175363287 for more info.

Luisita Rum Reserva
Luisita Rum Reserva

For the dad who likes to collect bottles: Luisita Rum is a premium line of handcrafted rums produced from indigenous ingredients grown at the Hacienda Luisita Estate in Tarlac—which makes this the country’s first and only single estate rum. The Luisita Reserva which is the second expression from the brand’s blended series, is now available for direct purchases only (very limited bottles, we were told). It highlights the use of a complex blend of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry cask rums that’s at least four years old. DM @luisitarum on FB and IG to reserve a bottle.