These top chefs will make you a taco for a good cause 2
Catch Taco Tuesdays on July 4 at Alegria Manila with Nicco Santos and Quenee Vilar of Cafe Aurora; Charles Montañez of Alegria Manila; Jorge Mendez of Modan; and Miko Calo of Metronome
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One night only: These top chefs will make you a taco for a good cause

On the first Taco Tuesday of July, make it count by having tacos care of five of the best chefs in town
ANCX Staff | Jun 26 2023

Tacos may sound like the simplest things but give it to these super talented chefs to take them to the next level. Wouldn’t you want a taco prepared for you by Miko Calo, the chef behind the popular modern French restaurant Metronome, or Jorge Mendez, the force behind the progressive Japanese tasting menu joint Modan, or Nicco Santos & Quenee Vilar of the hot new power restaurant Cafe Aurora? Well, we wouldn’t be worried about Charles Montañez of Alegria Manila who knows tacos and Latin American flavors by heart. 

Montañez’s taco platter on the new menu of Alegria Manila.
Montañez’s taco platter on the new menu of Alegria Manila.

These chefs are scheduled to make Taco Tuesday extra special on July 4, starting at 9PM at Alegria Manila, the boldly decorated restaurant known for its inventive Filipino-Latin American dishes, at BGC’s Uptown Parade (9th Avenue corner 38th Street). Billed as Curar La Resaca, or “cure a hangover,” according to Google translate, it’s a charity event for a worthy cause. For a donation of any amount at the door, guests will have the opportunity to indulge in four exquisite tacos crafted by five of the country's top culinary talents. All proceeds from this event will be dedicated to supporting a local charity that provides crucial assistance to the elderly in need.



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"Curar La Resaca is about making delicious food and enjoying some late-night fun in the process," says Alegria’s Montañez. "And if we can lend a helping hand while doing so, why not? It is an honor for both my team and me to welcome these talented chefs into our kitchen.”

This exclusive event will only admit the first 100 walk-in guests, so arrive early to secure your spot. A limited beverage service will be available, offering only shots, beer, and water to complement your taco feast.