The best place to celebrate World Gin Day in Manila 2
The setup of the Tanqueray Terrace in Palacio De Memoria
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It’s World Gin Day and we know a great place in Manila to celebrate it

Gin lovers, unite.
ANCX Staff | Jun 11 2022

It’s World Gin Day, one of those convenient excuses gin lovers use to have another glass of their favorite gin drink. It’s high up there with “weekend,” “hump day,” “Thursday,” “Friday.” You get the drift. 

The annual celebration is believed to have originated sometime in 2009 in a bar in Birmingham for no real significant reason other than for gin connoisseur Neil Houston to gather his friends together in one place and drink gin. And then it just got bigger year after year. 

If you’re looking to celebrate World Gin Day, we can’t think of a better place to recommend than at the gorgeous environs of Palacio de Memoria where popular gin brand Tanqueray has put up its first pop-up bar called Tanqueray Terrace. Imagine the seven-story Spanish Colonial Revival mansion seen through your sweaty glass of G&T, or imagine yourself having a Negroni inside the Russian airplane turned gentleman’s lounge parked on the property’s sprawling lawn. 

The pop-up opens at 5PM and will remain open until 10PM. DJ Religionblack will be playing, and if you buy a bottle of Tanqueray, you’ll get a Margherita pizza on the house from The Loggia, Margarita Fores’ al fresco restaurant within the Palacio grounds.

If you miss out on this one because you’re busy or whatever, don’t worry, there’s also International Gin and Tonic Day on October. Or, you know, there’s also Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday. 

The Tanqueray Terrace at Palacio De Memoria is open on Thursdays to Sundays from 5:00PM  to 10:00PM for all guests aged 18 years old and above.

Visit for more information on the programming schedule and events lined up.