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What wine to gift literally every person in your life

From a foodie to a boss you actually like, nothing says you care like giving the bottle of wine everyone desperately needs in 2021
Marina Lee | Dec 13 2021

It’s December again, and just like last year, nearly everyone you know is in desperate need of a drink after the crazy events of 2021. The holidays are here, making it the perfect time to give them (and yourself) just that — and a bottle of wine is often a good choice. Here’s a handy gift guide for literally everyone you could possibly be giving the gift of alcohol to this Christmas:

Winery Premium Reds
Batasiolo Barolo Nebbiolo, Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir, Claymore “Dark Side of the Moon” Shiraz

The foodie who wants to eat everything

For a friend with an adventurous palate that can go everywhere from French and Mexican to Thai and Lebanese, the best choice will always be versatile, food-friendly wines. If they like whites, a Riesling makes for a great pairing for spicy food and many Asian cuisines; for reds, Pinot Noir is often light enough to match both red and white meat.

Try: Kung Fu Girl Riesling and Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir.

The fitness fanatic (diet optional)

Whether they run every morning or hit the gym four times a week, the last thing you want to do is mess up their hard work. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate with a glass of wine this Christmas. A glass of Prosecco sets a celebratory tone without hitting 100 calories while the very light Carignan also packs huge flavors into pairings.

Try: Mont Rocher Carignan and Sassetti Livio Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore Brut

Winery Premium Whites A
Mont Rocher Viognier, Mayfly Sauvignon Blanc, Montsable Chardonnay

The edgy armchair philosopher

Sometimes, they disappear for weeks at a time. Other times, they’re posting every day about the social and moral repercussions of current events. Their taste is a mystery, but you can guess they’ll appreciate a drink to savor as they untangle the world and all of its meaning (or lack thereof). An oaky Chardonnay or a more obscure Barolo will do the trick.

Try: Montsable Chardonnay and Batasiolo Barolo Nebbiolo

The (deprived) traveler

Wanderlust can be a pain, sometimes. If your travel-loving friend finds himself spending Christmas at home again, you can at least give him the gift of adventure in a glass with wines that take him somewhere around the world. Try wines from regions off the beaten path like Portugal and Germany.

Try: Guadalupe Red and Gustave Lorentz Gewürztraminer

Winery Premium Whites B
Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc, La Zona Pinot Grigio, Gustave Lorentz Gewürztraminer

The social butterfly

As the person in your life who simply knows everything about everyone you know, a light, easy-drinking wine perfect for catching up with friends (and subtle intelligence-gathering) is a must. A sparkling Rosé is a good brunch pairing, while a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc keeps the talk coming.

Try: Valdivieso Sparkling Brut Rosé and Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

The workaholic who needs a break

Everyone’s been busy the past year, but absolutely no one has been busier than your friend who can’t tear themselves away from Slack and Microsoft Outlook. Help them loosen up, be it with a Shiraz strong enough to put them to sleep or with a Moscato that will end their day on a sweet note.

Try: Deakin Estate Moscato and Claymore “Dark Side of the Moon” Shiraz

The boss you actually like

You can get anything for that supervisor you don’t really care about, but for a boss you actually like and want to impress? It’s best to find a bottle that speaks volumes of your taste without relying too much on name recall. Try wines from regions that truly specialize in them, like a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or an Argentinian Malbec.

Try: Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc and Kaiken Ultra Malbec

Coworkers you really just need to give something to

When you plan to get the same wine to many people in the office, it’s important to stick to crowd favorites that are a hit with everyone (and of course, bottles that give you bang for buck). Younger fruit-forward Riojas give great value, while Chardonnay remains one of the friendliest wines out there.

Try: Rooks Lane Chardonnay and Dealto Rioja Crianza

Winery Value Reds
Gonzalez Byass Beronia Crianza, De Alto Amo Rioja Crianza, Mitolo The Nessus Shiraz

Someone you only just started dating

So you just happened to start going out in the latter half of the year. You’re not steady yet, but there’s no sidestepping their place on your Christmas list — especially if you see it going somewhere. The best course is to keep the wine thoughtful, yet unintimidating: Australian Shiraz is familiar yet exciting, while Pinot Grigio is both sophisticated and light.

Try: Mitolo The Nessus Shiraz and Ferro13 The Lady Pinot Grigio

Your significant other

Your partner, your fiancé, your spouse, your better half — whatever you call them, the holidays are a great way to mark another year together. And beyond anniversaries, there’s no better time to bust out something special for the two of you to enjoy. A sparkling wine or something out of a famous wine region would definitely not be out of place.

Try: Aimery Crémant de Limoux, Grande Cuvée 1531 NV and St. Francis Cabernet Sauvignon

A family relative your age

Whether it’s your sibling, your cousin, or one of your tita or tito’s sons or daughters, it’s best to stick with what you know they already like. If you don’t actually know what that is, then tried-and-tested crowd favorites will always do the trick — this is one case where some name recall isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Try: Matsu El Picaro and Cakebread Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

Your tita or tito with worldly hobbies

Does your tito like to golf every weekend? And does your tita never stop talking about the last time she was in Europe? If they’re lovers of creature comforts, then there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy a good Old World wine from Spain or France.

Try: Gonzalez Byass Beronia Crianza and Château La Gurgue Margaux Bordeaux Blend

Winery Sparkling Under P1500
 Gustave Lorentz Crémant d' Alsace Brut NV, Chandon Brut, Grande Cuvée 1531 NV

Your parents

What do you give to the people in your life who already have everything? Something that spells out your own appreciation for them and the time you spend together often works. You could go celebratory with a thoughtfully-chosen sparkling wine just for their New Year’s celebrations, or a red wine that’ll go perfectly with Christmas dinner.

Try: Gustave Lorentz Crémant d' Alsace Brut NV and Gonzalez Byass Beronia Reserva


Wine should always match the occasion — or in this case, the recipient. But when in doubt, it’s always safe to choose a crowd favorite. All of the wines featured in this story are winners of the Winery.ph’s Kavino Choice Awards, a recognition of the top-selling wines of the year based on the online wine marketplace’s sales data: meaning that they’re a reflection of what Filipino wine drinkers actually love and enjoy.

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