The best things we tasted in May 2024 2
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The best things we tasted in May 2024

Here are the most memorable dishes and drinks we tried in May.
JC Cailles Lo, Cyrene de la Rosa and Jeeves de Veyra | Jun 02 2024

Unagi Roll at Uma Nota Manila

Roll on steroids! All my favorite things literally rolled into one. It has generous slices of grilled eel, fresh avocado, and real truffle shavings. It's creamy, savory, sweet, earthy, and umami-rich. A flavor bomb! A great appetizer or a meal on its own to accompany their amazing cocktails. — JC Cailles Lo

Roast Beef and Ratatouille at Kingsford Cafe, Kingsford Hotel

I first had a taste of Chef Chubby Timban's food at the Megaworld 24-hands dinner last year. I finally got to go to Kingsford to have some more of his laksa. What was unexpectedly impressive was his roast beef. This was melt-in-your-mouth tender made even better with a thick layer of melt-in-your-mouth fat. Served on top of buttery mashed potatoes and a side of ratatouille, it made for a great main course. — Jeeves de Veyra

Blue Mackerel at Your Local Pop-up at The Balmori Suites

Among Pat Go's curated menu at the second Your Local Pop-up at the Balmori Suites was this torched Blue Mackerel and leek salad. What made this dish soar was the criollo chocolate vinaigrette. The chef really wanted to highlight ingredients from Negros where he's from. Criollo chocolate, made from one of the rarest cacao beans in the world, gave the salad a slight earthy bitter note that went well with the oily mouthfeel of the mackerel. — Jeeves de Veyra

Seared Salmon at Tales & Feelings, Amber Hotel, Cebu

The buzzer-beater this month for me was this salmon dish from the second branch of Tales & Feelings. The new branch with its bigger and better equipped kitchen allowed them to cook up more sophisticated and complex dishes such as this. The salmon was nicely cooked with it flaking apart with a touch of a spoon and the black rice was cooked perfectly without any of those harsh bitter flavors. — Jeeves de Veyra

Batchoy Ramen at Ramen Ron

A really good batchoy albeit in ramen form! The product of a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Chef Margarita Fores of the soon-to-open Margarita and Chef Hiroyuki Tamura of Ramen Ron. La Paz Batchoy-inspired base broth combined with thin ramen noodles topped with chashu, bone marrow, liver, shio tamago, and chicharon. For the best experience, mix the bone marrow with the broth in small chunks, and have a small morsel of marrow on each bite. Supposedly only available till June 9 in all Ramen Ron branches (Rockwell and BGC). But its popularity may just convince the Ramen Ron group to permanently add it on its menu. — Cyrene de la Rosa

Peach Me I’m Dreaming Pizza at Crosta Pizzeria

This is hands-down my new favorite pie at Crosta. A weekend special pie by Crosta’s head chef Yuichi Ito (50 Top Pizza’s Pizza Maker of the Year 2024 awardee) that comes with a Gorgonzola (Italian blue cheese) dolce base, fresh peach marinated in thyme, San Daniele Prosciutto DOP 18 months, Latteria Sorrentina burratina, mint and green chrysanthemum jelly plus a dusting of assorted edible flowers that made the pie look extra pretty. In my opinion, this is even better than the Cherry Culatello pie that bagged the Pizza of the Year award for Crosta in 2023 from 50 Top Pizza. — Cyrene de la Rosa

Napoleon Mille Presse at By Sonja

It was my first time to try a mille presse. It’s like a pastry in sandwich form made with layers of slightly sweet puff pastry compressed into one circular piece (with a peek-a-boo hole) that’s filled with a sweet filling. In my case, vanilla bean custard cream with thin slivers of fresh strawberries that was called Napoleon. Sounds like a simple, straightforward combination but, it’s very delicious. I’d bet that you’re bound to buy another piece for take home after trying one. — Cyrene de la Rosa

Turon at Haliya Modern Filipino, City of Dreams

Thirteen inches of crispy goodness with seven different fillings inside. There's sariwang mangga, Chocnut, banana, leche flan, peanut, dulce de leche, and Langka.  Each bite promises a different texture and flavor. It was the most exciting turon I had in my life! Perfect to be enjoyed with a drizzle of their chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. — JC Cailles Lo

Pan-Fried De Sal at Automat

Fans of Metiz restaurant’s take on the ensaymada may want to check out one of the desserts with the same DNA available ala carte at Metiz’s new sibling restaurant called Automat that’s officially opening for dinner starting this Tuesday, June 4. A sinfully rich yet comforting dessert made with pan-fried/caramelized bread (using Automat’s housemade pandesal), that is served ala mode with a double scoop of keso or cheese ice cream and finished with a dusting of shaved local chocolate. — Cyrene de la Rosa

You Must Believe in Spring cocktail at Fat Cat

A recent spontaneous late night mini-bar crawl within Legaspi Village led us to this second floor bar tucked in a hidden corner of Makati Cinema Square called the Fat Cat. Where I was able to try a most delicious rift on the Ramos Gin Fizz made with roasted beet-infused Tanqueray gin, honey ginger syrup, cream, lemon and egg white. A cocktail that Fat Cat simply described as earthy, creamy and long. It is indeed a drink that you are bound to remember long after your first try. — Cyrene de la Rosa

Gio Visitation’s World Barista Championship Altierri Espresso and Milk Course at The Good Cup Coffee Co. Cebu

What does coffee made for world competitions taste like? I dropped by The Good Cup Cafe in Cebu and was happily surprised with this. Gio Visitacion, who reached the round of 16 at this year's World Barista Championship in Busan, South Korea let his team prepare some of the Panamanian Gesha from Altieri Coffee as an espresso and a milk drink for me. The espresso was nothing like I've ever tasted before. Sweet, thick, rich, full bodied, even fruity, without any of that harsh bitterness usually found in Espresso. The milk drink was even better with that espresso base that became a dessert with steamed Meiji Hokkaido milk. — Jeeves de Veyra