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Offerings from Restaurant Gaa (left) and L'Effervescence. Photos from The World's 50 Best website and @leffervescence on Instagram
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More restaurants in Asia make it to ‘World’s 50 Best’ 51-100 list 2021

Guess which Asian country has the most honors this year
CYRENE DE LA ROSA | Sep 24 2021

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants just announced its 51 – 100 List for 2021 via a virtual countdown streamed live on its social media platforms Thursday, September 23. It was a much anticipated reveal since the last  time they released a list was in 2019. 

The list signals that the annual awards is warming up to go back to its regular programming after being derailed for over a year by the ongoing pandemic. Preparations are now ongoing for the annual awards as it goes back to a live awards ceremony set-up which will be held in Antwerp, Flanders (Belgium) this October.

Sorn in Bangkok, Thailand. Photos by Cyrene de la Rosa

The highlight of this year’s extended list is the inclusion of a total of 13 restaurants from Asia—the highest number ever—represented by a total of five Asian countries. The list includes two new entries each from Japan (Luca Fantin and L’Effervescence) and Thailand (Sorn and Le Du). The recognitions for Asia are most remarkable considering that a lot of the restaurants in the region were badly hit by the Covid crisis.


The 51-100 List in Numbers

The 51-100 list includes 13 new entries from 9 countries, offering an expansive global spectrum from Belgium to Thailand. It includes restaurants in 22 countries across six continents. With two new entries in Tokyo – Sazenka and L’Effervescence – Japan has five spots in the 51-100, the highest number from any country. The UK, France and Spain follow with four restaurants apiece. 

Mingles in Seoul, South Korea. Photo from The World's 50 Best website

Twenty-one entries in the list are from Europe while nine from South America. Two new entries for 2021, Kjolle and Mil in Peru, are restaurants co-owned by The World’s Best Female Chef Award winner Pía Léon. The highest new entry in the 51-100 list is Alchemist in Copenhagen, Denmark which is at No.58. Meanwhile, St. Hubertus in San Cassiano, Italy has risen the greatest number of places, improving by 62 positions since 2019 when the list was extended to 120 restaurants. The new list also includes two entries from South Africa: Cape Town’s Fyn and La Colombe.

On the day of the awards show (October 5) in Antwerp, renowned chef Massimo Bottura of former no.1 restaurant Osteria Francescana, and part of the exclusive ‘Best of the Best’ group comprised of all past no.1 ranked World’s 50 Best restaurants, will host a live stream from the red carpet. The stars of the culinary world are expected to arrive for the ceremony.

The announcement of the list and individual awards can be followed via the 50 Best social media channels, with the livestream beginning at 16:30 CET.

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