These kicks look dirty, used, old, and cost P25K and up 2
Photos by Rhobee Pilares

Sneaker spotlight: These kicks look dirty, used and old, but that’s why they cost P25K and up

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny its influence on sneaker culture. Exquisite handcrafting, top-brass materials, oh so imperfect.
Rhobee Pilares | Feb 06 2023

There are two general types of sneakerheads: One, those who want their sneakers always looking crisp and fresh, as if you just took them out of the box and decided to "Un-DS" them. To Un-DS, or Un-Deadstock, means to remove the shoes from their deadstock or brand new state. To wear them for the first time. (Yes, sneakerheads can be such nerds.)

And then there are those who prefer the lived-in, distressed look for their kicks. Think an Air Jordan 1 that you've been wearing daily for the past couple of years, with scuffs, creases, and yellowing. Beautiful in its own way.

Both looks have their own appeal, and would work depending on your personal taste and style. But for those who prefer the latter, one luxury brand has come up with a pair that already looks distressed straight out of the box. From the streets of Venice, let’s take a look at The Golden Goose Superstar.

The Golden Goose Superstar
Look how thick that insole is.


Don’t let the scuffs and "dirt" fool you—the materials here are top notch, as expected from a luxe sneaker. The leather is extremely soft and supple. Hold it up to your nose and there’s no way you’d say that suede is not the real deal. Handmade in Italy, it has a charm that surpasses other luxe designer brands. Rating: A+



"We want everything to be as non-perfect as possible. Life is not perfect. We inject life into what we do.” That’s one of Golden Goose’s mantras. And you can see it clearly in their designs.

Controversial when it first came out, I’d go out on a limb and say they, at least in the sneaker world, were among the first, if not THE first, to bring the aged/used look in kicks to the forefront of fashion. And while it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (I still prefer fresh, crisp sneakers myself), everyone wants at least a pair of these in their personal footwear rotation. Rating: A

The Golden Goose Superstar
Handmade in Italy, it has a charm that surpasses other luxe designer brands.


Largely easy enough to mix and match but might be a challenge with some outfits, although it does come in multiple colors and embellishments. Best with a casual, preppy look. Also, since its technically a skate shoe, it looks awesome with skater fashion. But let me add—Unlike a typical skate shoe, it’s surprisingly extremely comfy. Look how thick that insole is. Rating: A-



Has an average retail price upwards of Php 25,000.  There aren’t any official local retailers so you'd have to have it shipped in or drop by a GGDB Boutique on your next HK or Singapore trip. But given the quality, and comparing it to sneaks from better-known and more established fashion brands, the price is not bad at all. Rating: B+

The Golden Goose Superstar.
Since its technically a skate shoe, it looks awesome with skater fashion.

Final Word

In Rhobeelicious terms, it’s tasty, using only the finest ingredients. Best for those looking for a bit of fine dining without the pretentions associated with 5-star resto fare.


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Photos by Rhobee Pilares