The Kravitzes come back home to The Bahamas 2
While he didn't grow up in The Bahamas, Lenny Kravitz has spent many summers there and has bought property in Eleuthera.

The Kravitzes come back home to The Bahamas

In Tumi’s recent campaign, rock legend Lenny helps his daughter Zoë find her roots in the archipelago, giving her a taste of everyday island life.
ANCX Staff | Apr 01 2019

Lenny Kravitz might be a true-blue New Yorker, he traces his roots way down south of the Big Apple. Through his mom, the actress Roxie Roker, the rocker has relatives in The Bahamas, and would spend summers with cousins in Nassau growing up.

“My first memories of the Bahamas were just magical. The smell and the feel of the air, man you were transformed from that moment. It was like going to another world,” he says, in a video he shot for Bahamas tourism. “I think people are drawn to the Bahamas because of the natural beauty. Gorgeous water. And the people. Bahamians are a very unique people. Very cool. They’re hospitable. They’re warm. They’re really funny. Great sense of humor.”

The Kravitzes come back home to The Bahamas 3
Zoe Kravitz traces her roots with her dad in Tumi's latest campaign.

More about island life:


A trip there is all about putting the brakes on your fast-paced life, and just plain relaxing. “You’re not going to get everything the second you want it, but that’s part of it. You come here to slow down,” the singer-songwriter-producer muses. “To have time, slow down. And to just, enjoy the moment.” That experience never quite left Kravitz, so-much-so that he bought a plot on the island Eleuthera where he spends a big chunk of his time today.

That feeling is what Kravitz tries to impart to his daughter Zoë, in their first film project together, a campaign for the travel and lifestyle brand Tumi. “To me, this is about connecting with ourselves, our roots, and with each other,” says the younger Kravitz. The Big Little Lies star and loves the idea of telling a story about travel, family, and connecting with one’s roots. “It was amazing to travel to the other side of the island for my first time to see where my family originated from and to pay respect to our elders and those who came before us—to experience that with my father was monumental.”

The Kravitzes come back home to The Bahamas 4
Kravitz's mother Roxie Roker is half-bahamianm but grew up in New York.

In the video campaign, father and daughter are seen arriving to the islands by boat. “I thought it would be nice to go down to the other side of the island…” starts the 54-year-old. “Where grandpa was from?” responds the 30-year-old, referring to Albert Roker, her paternal grandfather, who worked there as a porter.

Directed by Eliot Rausch, the campaign was meant to introduce the Alpha-3, the latest incarnation of the luggage label’s iconic line. “With the launch of A3, we took everything we stand for as a brand and pushed it one step further,” says Victor Sanz, Tumi’s creative director.


Reimagining an alpha

The new Alpha 3 collection features an integrated USB Power Port added to each of the carry-on sizes, dual-access entry, modernized front face with protective rails, full access front pocket for increased functionality, a leather rain flap on bags and dual-coil security zippers. The newest luggage style is the Tall 4 Wheel Duffel Packing Case which offers top and split case access and features four interior shoe panels. New bags include the Slim Backpack, a compact backpack designed for those with a lighter load, the Slim 3-Way Brief, which can be carried as a backpack or a bag, and the Expandable Tote.

The Tumi Alpha 3 collection | Click on the arrows for slideshow

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The A3 Duffel. 

The A3 Backpack. 

The A3 Brief. 

The A3 Carry On. 

While they’re excited about the upgrades to Alpha, the brand is more mindful that the pieces they create are attached to important memories. Ergo, this campaign. “It’s always been a motivator for us to remember our products are what enable these travel stories to continue,” Sanz says, “and we were thrilled that both Lenny and Zoë wanted to share their perfect journey with us.”