This Rolls-Royce chest can buy you a car or two 2
The cellarette boasts polished aluminium chassis, enveloped by embossed Rolls-Royce Havana leather.

This Rolls-Royce will set you back a few millions but good luck trying to drive it

There’s more to the British luxury carmaker than fancy automobiles
ANCX Staff | Oct 15 2021

For some people, it’s not enough to just drive a Rolls-Royce. The brand, after all, doesn’t only represent luxury cars but a certain aesthetic and sophistication, an entire lifestyle if you will. 

If you click on this link, for example, you’ll find there are Rolls-Royces out there that are proud extensions of the brand: an understandably covetable pair of limited Rolls-Royce headphones, a swanky champagne set, an ultra luxurious picnic hamper, and more utilitarian stuff like umbrellas, a tyre cradle, and an all-weather floormat. 

Rolls-Royce Cellarette Humidor and Lighter
Rolls-Royce Cellarette Humidor and Lighter

The latest addition to the brand’s lifestyle accoutrements belongs to its Connoisseur’s Collection and it’s called the Rolls-Royce Cellarette, a whisky and cigar chest designed to entertain and delight one’s guests—and quite possibly turn them green with envy. 

The Connoisseur’s Collection offers the brand’s clients new ways to enhance their lifestyle beyond the experience of their Rolls-Royce motor car, says Nicholas Abrams, Bespoke Designer at Rolls-Royce. “Historically, cellarettes were used to secure wine and spirits. This bespoke chest can be configured to stow aperitifs or digestifs, dependent on the client’s preferences, alongside prized cigars, in a spectacular fashion.”  

The cellarette boasts polished aluminium chassis, enveloped by embossed Rolls-Royce Havana leather. Although it will fit discreetly into the rear of any Rolls-Royce car, the cellarette is said to truly come into its own as a centrepiece at an al fresco dining experience, or as accompaniment at an intimate gathering.

Rolls-Royce Cellarette Humidor
Rolls-Royce Cellarette Humidor

The dark exterior opens to emit a warm glow, while the Armagnac leather highlights are accentuated by a soft light, evoking the atmosphere of a distinguished Members’ Club. An array of beautiful accessories are revealed in a mechanical fashion, mirroring the opening of the coach doors of a Rolls-Royce motor car. Once unfurled, the client is presented with hand-blown lowball glasses, each finished with the ‘RR’ monogram. Said glasses rotate outwards as the unit opens, evoking a sense of theatre. The cellarette is also equipped with a humidor which when opened offers the user a cigar tray. 

Like any Rolls-Royce product, the cellarette can be tailored to the client’s exact specification. It is available to acquire through Rolls-Royce dealerships, with prices starting from £44,150, or PHP 3,032,930, excluding local taxes.