Executive Class: The ultimate women's watch guide 2

Executive Class: The ultimate women's watch guide

In this gift guide, we list five of the most desirable watches for women. Well, at least those watches that aren’t round.
Executive Class | Mar 09 2024
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Did you know that the first wrist watch was actually made for a lady? 

While the watch world is now largely a man’s world and women lack the same range of choices available to men, there’s still a lot of iconic pieces they can choose from.

One of the first watchmakers of the modern age to break with convention was Louis Cartier. His now-iconic design from 1917, the Cartier Tank, after the shape of the armored vehicle seen from above is no doubt the most famous rectangular watch there is and the first on our list. 

Cartier’s iconic Tank watch has grown into a larger family of watches with slightly varying shapes but the Tank Louis Cartier is the model that best resembles the original dimensions with its pure lines and graphic shape featuring a case that is integrated into an extension of the bracelet without any break in the visual rhythm. 

The rectangular dial with roman numerals patterned after the angular shape of the watch face is iconic as well, as are the blue-steeled hands that adorn it and the crown set with a blue sapphire. 

The final classic touch? An alligator strap. It’ll look like the same piece worn by the most famous women in history from Jackie Kennedy to Princess Diana.