Batangas boutique hotel offers best view of Taal Lake 2
Nuuk offers a pristine view of the Taal Lake.

This boutique hotel in Laurel, Batangas will take you closer to your dream Denmark holiday

Nordic aesthetic and Filipino touches meet in this off-the-grid Batangas getaway
ANCX Staff | Feb 23 2022

Ever dreamt of one day spending your vacation in the Nordic kingdom of Denmark, the second happiest country in the world? If it’s a little far-fetched to tick that off your bucket list for now, how about going somewhere geographically closer but offers equally tranquil views and the chic comforts of Scandinavian accommodation.

 A private nook perfect for reading or simply enjoying the tranquil view of Taal Volcano.

On the shores of Taal Lake, Laurel, Batangas, there’s a charming boutique hotel called Nuuk which takes its name from the capital of Greenland, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Nuuk is an ideal setting for when you want to briefly escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The place is idyllic. One can unwind in a private nook in the middle of a beautiful courtyard garden, or jump straight into an infinity pool overlooking Taal Lake.

The Taal Lake serves as a refreshing backdrop to the infinity pool.

“The eight-room boutique hotel with sprawling flower gardens has got to have the best view of Taal volcano,” says David Celdran, host of “Executive Class” which features the luxury lakefront property in its episode on Batangas getaways. 

The eight-room boutique hotel has sprawling flower gardens. Photo by David Celdran

Before Nuuk became a hotel, the place served as the vacation hideaway for the family of Katleya Nielsen for three decades. “[My parents] found it in the early ‘80s. They were on the hunt for, I guess, a vacation spot,” shares Katleya, the half-Danish founder and president of Nuuk, in an interview with “Executive Class.” “And yeah, they took a boat over here and found this property and fell in love [with it] basically.”

Before Nuuk became a hotel, the place served as the vacation hideaway for the family of Katleya Nielsen for three decades.

The house is a treasure trove of their fond memories as a family. And Katleya’s mom is an avid collector of antiques, artworks, and one-of-a-kind curios. So converting the home into a hotel became quite a sensitive topic, reveals Katleya. The Nielsens wanted to make sure the changes reflect their family’s story and at the same time give a nod to Danish and Filipino design. Nordic and Filipino influences are also present in the flavors of the food Nuuk serves at Ilulli, the in-house restaurant at the resort’s main villa.

The hotel's interior gives a nod to Danish and Filipino design.
Modern eclectic design fuses with rare antique furniture and art in cozy corners.

For now, boat rides and other water sports are still not recommended but enjoying the resplendent backdrop of the mountains, the calm water, and the volcano more than make up for the absence of these activities. And there are also playing cards by the deck, and guests are welcome to start a game of volleyball or badminton in the garden. Kids can ride horses and nature lovers can catch a glimpse of several bird species that often fly in flocks over the lake. 

Nuuk's spaces showcase a lot of natural textures. 
Cozy bed perfect for snuggling or curling up with a good book. 

Katleya says that thru Nuuk, her family wishes to share what they call “hygge,” the Danish concept of coziness and familiar warmth that brings about a feeling of genuine contentment. By offering the best view of Taal lake to wake up to in the morning, we’re quite sure their guests get the message. 

Ilulli restaurant at Nuuk evokes an atmosphere that is both rustic and intimate.
Nordic and Filipino influences are also present in the flavors of the food Nuuk serves. Photo by David Celdran

Overnight stay at Nuuk ranges from P9500++ to P14,950++. Nuuk is located at 295 Talisay-Laurel Rd, Km 89 Brgy. Berinayan, Laurel, Batangas, PH4221. For more information, visit or get in touch via email at or call Tel: +639175176885 Instagram: @nuuktaal #nuuktaal